About Me

My name is Bereket Tadesse . I am a Real Optimistic person who is looking for Peace and Love ;as it is the Only truth Identity of all Mankind .and what we all deserve ,desire and Need whenever wherever we are in life .
I was Born in a small village of OMO ........ Until I got to Age 6 I Lived and I Grew Up in this village with My Grand Mother (Mother of my Mother ) ,and then Moved to Jinka ,to Live with my Father . one Year after ; due to some case …..;I got out of home and started to walk on the free world by my own . this time of my Childhood period ,was the first moments ,where my Guiding life Got linked to my Soul ,with those little common words I had with me "Hello, you you , Father Father , Feranji…….Faranjii" ...............
Anytime ,I said those words ; the visitors response was always filled by care and kindness smile ; beside the strength the smile and the care has given me for wherever I stand today ; those tourists I met and walked with ,were the key bridge to my New Life , to help me have the Inner encouragement and to hold on the Dream to be the Guide I am of today. Everything I have Learnt has been through my life experiences .
Physically; I am from different tribal family ; my Father`s family are from Different tribe as my mother`s family ;so I am from a collective blood root of the OMO ; Although I believe ;the experience . the Life long process are ,and the Memory of our past ;are the most factors ,to build a real Identity ; if you ask me ,where I could be from ;I am from The Beautiful Heaven Drop Land Lower OMO Valley , Ethiopia ;the diversity Land with so Much smile and kindness Hospitality ,which are filled with Love and Peace .
Therefore my Family (The OMO natives and my homeland) , the tourists and clients I met through my life , and my Guiding Experience are the basic three important corners ,who taught me all the Love ,life , and the conceptual Identity for who I am today . and here is why I say , I am from the OMO ,the place where I had grown up with all what I have with me ; OMO My Tribe ,OMO My Home ,OMO to whom I belong .
I officially started working as a Local guide with tourists when I was 10 years old . from this Humble beginning , I then worked my way up to be the Chairman of that Tour guiding committee (the First and Largest in Southern Ethiopia). This apprenticeship Taught me a lot about life , love ,Respect , responsibility ,western and other sides of the world`s tradition and life style , running A successful business and the fact that the client must always be Happy .
I have since left the Jinka Local Guide Committee and Branched out on my own with my guiding services ,servicing areas further a field and accessing areas few other guides venture into . I am also one of the first Guides, who have introduced a new ways of touring ; Motor bicycle tour and to become one of the first local man from OMO to Organize a tour and to take my own clients with all the responsibility , experience and enjoyment they need . I have had many satisfied and return clients ,clients whom I now hold as close personal friends and family .
I am fluent in Amharic and English ,along more than 7 Tribal Languages beside more than 15 years of my Guiding And tour organizing service experience ; I am still here for you , with all the experience and with all the care your Holiday deserve .
I love to meet people , I love to be the bridge to introduce and let the new comers to my family share and experience the OMO life style and this is why am drawn to this profession . I love people who are keen to see the world as it is and to share their culture ,world and history whilst traveling and learning about mine . I am open minded and only wish to show you what my country has to offer ,to show you our hospitality ,honesty , and the peace and love we all share. I take great pleasure and pride in my role to provide you the traveler a truly unique experience .
So let me guide you in this magical area . we will meet tribal people and culture with their amazing and breath taking life style ;and that also may not be around for too much longer as time goes by and peoples life change by many different circumstances . we will live it ,breathe it and experience it in a way that will leave you with many magical memories , whilst sharing love and respect we all those we meet . it is my goal tell you everything about these cultures , distinctive life style and traditions of the Lower Omo valley ; moreover my true satisfaction comes from gaining a new friend . A friend who will share their wonderful experiences with their friends and share the knowledge that Ethiopia is truly a unique country that has so much to offer to all who visits and to those who are Looking for a place to share the Authentic Culture + unique tradition .
-     Bereket Tadesse Tour  -