Photographic Tours


My vast experience has enabled me to work with some of the finest Photographers in the world. It has taught me that Photographers and Videographers have a totally different set of rules to travel by and have a whole different set of demands.

Due to these demands I offer my services without a set Itinerary. This allows us the freedom to come and go as we please. It allows us to be shooting throughout the golden hours of the day and well into dusk. Allowing the South’s beautiful people, animals and scenery to be captured in the most beautiful light of the day. I understand that arriving for an hour in the middle of the day is not acceptable. I understand that time and preparations are needed to capture that magical shot, and I understand that it could take days, even weeks to capture anything that is regarded as special. I have travelled with black & white specialist, strobists, fashion photographers with large lighting systems, International documentary crews and even happy go snappers, so I know all I have to do is listen to your requests and deliver them.

My photographic tours are offered on the basis that we have a rough idea on what has drawn your attention to the area and which tribes hold the greater interest. I then understand what is important to you and can tailor a game plan around that. I will then arrange to pick you up from the airport and transport you to the Lower Omo Valley where we will spend the outlined amount of time trying to capture your vision.

This free Itinerary affords us the freedom to chase certain spectacles such as the Hamar bull jumping or the Mursi’s Donga fights. It also allows us the time to integrate ourselves into the tribes, building strong relationships and a story with those who will play an integral part in the ceremony to come. This pre built relationship then allows the tribal members to feel at ease when the cameras come out to play, and allow you the photographer the best opportunity to capture life as it really is.

Rather than heading back to a town each evening we are also afforded the freedom of staying with the tribes longer and for a few days at a time, giving you an invitation to more intimate moments around the village, around the campfire and with the people you came to photograph.

So, if you are interested in a Photographic experience like no other, set aside some dates, drop me an email and lets start planning.

This Tour does not attract any difference in prices as I offer my services 24 hours a day with every tour I do.
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