Costs involved


Most travellers prefer their money in their own wallet rather than in that of a tour operator or guide. My services are provided per day, not per person. Through my years guiding various clients through Southern Ethiopia, I have always maintained that in order to provide the best services I should also keep my costs down, this then allows me to pass the savings onto you, the traveller.

I have designed my guiding services around you. I can cater for your budget and your individual needs and I hope I have demonstrated this through my website.

Due to these principals I am unable to offer you a set price per day on this website for my services as these change depending on the services you require. I am happy to take you through the south in a local bus to ensure your costs are next to a bare minimum, but this means of transportation places far too many restrictions on our movements and itinerary. For the more money conscious I prefer to organise a motorbike and drive you to where ever it is we are planned to go (If you are a lone traveller, this is a very economical way of travelling and usually only costs a few Birr more than bumping and grinding around in the back of a hot bus.). I am also able to accommodate larger groups by organising a reliable 4x4 and experienced driver (this is a great option for photographers and videographers who travel with large amounts of gear, those who have numerous people in their travelling party or just for the traveller who likes a little luxury.).

I also strive to keep my costs down by not charging you for things you may not want or need. When organising a tour with the large operators in Ethiopia, you will be charged for many things you will not need. What I charge you for are my services and what type of transport that is involved, and it includes petrol!

I don’t on the other hand include your food, accommodation, water / drinks, National Park fees, village visit fees and photograph fees. This may seem scary as there are no set prices but I will guarantee these expenses will be of a bare minimum. For an example; a clean comfortable room with a shower inside it in Turmi is 150 Birr, that’s not per person it is per night. The same goes for Abraminch, a large luxury room with stunning views, toilet and shower is 235 Birr per night. These prices will be quoted differently on other Internet pages as you are seen as a foreigner but whilst travelling with me I will be able to provide you with the best options available and at the lowest prices. Over time prices will change slightly but I will guarantee you the best prices I can find where you will pay the operators directly. Camping is always available and is always the cheapest option.

So please do not hesitate to get in touch on my email address or by the contact me page regarding the costs of a trip, as depending on your preferred mode of transport I will have a quote back to you as soon as possible. This quote will be the same if you are a single traveller or a large film crew from the BBC. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised how reasonable my services are.
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