I will notify you when a deposit needs to be placed to secure my services. Usually this is not too much money, but it guarantees your tour will happen.

If we will be using a 4x4 for our journey I may require a deposit be paid for that at the time of booking. These details will be finalised with our correspondence in regards to your tour.

I realise that most people have reservations about sending money to some countries and Ethiopia is probably one of them, so I have set up some secure ways of passing on any payments. These payments can be made through Western Union, where you will be given a secure transaction with records of money sent. I am currently working on getting a PayPAL account set up also so future payments can be sent using this easy and secure system. If you are not familiar with either of these systems I can provide you with further instructions on how to go about making your deposit. Alternativly, you can easily pass your deposit onto me through a simple bank deposit.
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